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  • “Winklevoss twins helped thwart scammer” with K2 Intelligence’s Help

    As reported in today's New York Post: Internet entrepreneurs Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss ... helped collar an alleged con artist who used their names to lure star-struck marks to bogus business deals, officials said. The brothers learned that …

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  • How to Come Out on Top in UK Legal Dispute Resolution

    Among the many crowns worn by London is that of world centre for corporate legal disputes and resolutions. While this may speak volumes about the strength and transparency of the rule of law, it is …

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  • Supply Chain Fraud: How to Detect It and Put a Stop To It

    Fraud costs companies $3.7 trillion each year and the vast majority of those deceptions are detected purely by luck - only 3% of frauds are found by auditors. Fraud  in the supply chain can be particularly …

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