Thacher Associates knows integrity. We pioneered the field of integrity risk management and are the industry leader in eliminating fraud, waste and abuse in the construction sector and beyond. We bring accountability, transparency, and most importantly, integrity, to your business to protect your reputation and your bottom line.


Thacher Associates, LLC, founded in 1996 by Thomas D. Thacher and Joseph A. DeLuca, and based in New York City, is the largest and oldest Integrity and Regulatory Compliance firm focused on the Construction and Real Estate industries. We have been solving our clients’ most complex problems, providing due diligence, audits and investigations, business intelligence and integrity monitoring for over 17 years. In December 2012, we merged with K2 Intelligence, whose offices in Madrid, London and Tel Aviv will allow us to leverage an international private sector network to become the worldwide leader in integrity and regulatory compliance in the Construction and Real Estate industries. Furthermore, in keeping with our long history of public service, we have positioned ourselves to become the industry leader in private sector risk management for the public sector. We are dedicated to protecting our clients’ bottom line by preventing fraud, waste and abuse.

An Integrity Monitor is an independent third party retained by a company or organization to minimize opportunities for fraud, waste and abuse as well as to assure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. Thacher Associates specializes in three types of Integrity Monitoring: Independent Private Sector Inspector General (IPSIG), Voluntary Integrity Monitor, and Project Integrity Monitor. The Integrity Monitor works to create a culture of legal compliance and accountability, through training, adoption of business friendly integrity controls and compliance audits. The integrity monitor is designed to prevent, detect and remediate integrity breaches. The benefits include protection of our clients’ reputations, finances and operations. Integrity monitoring has a history of almost two decades in various parts of the country, but most notably in the New York metropolitan area.

The concept arose from a recognition that the construction industry in and around New York was susceptible to systemic corruption. As the role of Integrity Monitor has evolved, however, it has broadened to include not only fraud prevention, but assurance that public funds or private investments will be protected from waste through mismanagement, inadequate controls, or pure incompetence.

Although Thacher Associates is not a law firm, most of our senior managers are attorneys with considerable experience as prosecutors. Together with our highly skilled lawyers, investigators, forensic accountants, forensic engineers, and our professional research analysts, we comprise a group of individuals with the global contacts, electronic resources and collective experience to go beyond pure fact finding. Our interdisciplinary approach combines risk-management expertise with a network of sophisticated intelligence, investigative and audit services. Thacher Associates identifies systemic problems and delivers solutions while enhancing efficiency and profitability, unlike conventional private investigators and accounting firms. Now, the sophisticated analytic tools developed by K2 Intelligence are being embedded by Thacher Associates into our unique methodologies. Informed by the experience and expertise of our multi-disciplined staff, we use technology and innovative problem solving to manage and execute our engagements more cost-effectively and efficiently than our competitors. These cutting edge tools are helping us redefine the integrity monitoring industry and are further solidifying the role of Thacher Associates as the undisputed industry leader.